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Study Questions:

1.What is one specific example of a procedurally defined service you deliver to your clients?
2.What is one specific example of your developing an array of services that were mixed, modified, and blended in highly individualized ways for specific clients?
3.What is one specific intervention protocol (based on research and theory) you use in your practice? Typically, an intervention protocol is similar to a program or agency procedure; but instead of being driven by laws and standards, it is primarily based on “best practice” considerations. Of course, intervention protocols are frequently blended with “procedures” into a single, integrated process document.

Rating Scale (Rate your practice, program, or agency.):

0. E: “Staff-determined” not integrated into practice.

1. E: “Staff-determined” integrated into practice.

2. E: “Services-determined” partially integrated into practice.

3. E: “Services-determined” integrated into practice.

4. E: “Protocol-determined” partially integrated into practice.

5. E: “Protocol-determined” integrated into practice.

Practice Strategies:

Now list three specific strategies you will use to increase your practice level. For example, if you rated your practice at the “2” level, what three strategies will you use to increase your practice level to “3?”




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