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Case 7:

SS received a phone call from the police department stating children had been left home alone. After seeing deplorable conditions in the home and no food, the Police Department removed the children from the home. The youngest child was left with an inadequate babysitter a few doors down from mother’s home. SS learned mother had left early in the morning for an outing with the father of the youngest two children and their grandfather.

Before mother left on her outing, she had placed her oldest child, age 9, in charge of his younger brother, age 8. The older child was instructed he and his brother were to go to the neighbor’s house where the youngest child was staying when they woke up that morning. When the Police Department was on patrol over two miles from the neighborhood, they found the 8-year-old wondering along a busy highway. They took that child home and discovered the 9-year-old hadn’t seen their mother since the night before. Mother has a history of being involved with SS because of poor parenting skills, inadequate choices regarding the supervision of her children, and dealing with the stress of being overwhelmed with her children. All three children were placed in the home of the paternal grandmother of the oldest child, after police conducted a background check.

Grandmother can’t continue caring for the children and mother has been charged with child endangering.

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