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Case 3:

SS has been involved with this family for fourteen months. A 3-year-old brother of this child is currently in the custody of SS and is in care. Mother had threatened to harm that child, was involved in an abusive relationship, and needed assistance learning to safely care for her children.

Mother’s second child, a 7-year-old boy, is at home. Mother and son have been receiving in-home protective services and mother has been having visits with her youngest child. To support this family, the agency was making routine stops to the home to ensure mother was properly caring for the 7-year-old and to provide assistance with the care. Despite these efforts, a neighbor called the police, reporting the 7-year-old was home alone and mother hadn’t been seen since the preceding evening. The police arrived, found the child alone, and contacted SS for assistance. The agency was given emergency custody of the child. The police later arrested mother.

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