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The following cases are representative of the life-circumstances experienced by maltreated children before they come into care. In the cases, you will read about the events and conditions resulting in the Court’s awarding custody of the children to Social Services (SS) and to the children being placed into care. Of course, any information that might unintentionally identify the specific children and their families has been changed or removed.

After each case, write your responses to the questions about that case in the space provided.


A.        What would it be like being a child living in this family?

B.         What would be the effect on the child when he is removed from the family and placed into the home of strangers?

C.        What behavior and adjustment problems do you think the child might have while in care?

D.        How would you specifically help the child with the problems (signs) you have identified as potential issues?

E.         What outside resources and assistance do you think you may need to help the child?

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