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Simon says, “It is never too late for you to succeed or too soon to fail.”

If you think you are too late, too old, too tired, or too busy to succeed, you are only making excuses, blowing smoke, playing mind games with yourself. I gave it my best effort and don’t have any more to give,” does not cut it either. That is just one more version of POOR ME and lets you know it is time for a serious attitude adjustment. You still have plenty of time to succeed but do not have any time left to fail. The only thing in your way is you. Get your get-up-and-go up and going today.

•It is not too late to succeed but is far too soon to quit.

Along your path to success, you will find three types of people. Which group you join is up to you.

•People who succeed

•People who watch others succeed

•People who pretend success does not matter

Your choice is clear-cut. Unless you commit to joining the people who succeed, you fully qualify for one of the other two groups. It does not matter whether you want to join the group; you are a member. The only thing to decide is whether you want to pretend success does not matter. Whatever your decision;

•You have plenty of time to succeed.

•Watching others succeed is a waste of time.

•Pretending success does not matter takes forever.

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