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Relating Long Term

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Simon On Relating Long-Term

Simon says, “Let’s go down this road together.” It is worth considering. Going down the road with you could be just fine. There are a couple of questions, though. What will it be like with you, what is your idea of a successful long-term relationship? That is important but there is an even more important question. It takes two committed people to make such a relationship work. What is your commitment?

Simon says, “My commitment is to be the best I can, every day, in every way. I cannot promise you happiness, fulfillment, or satisfaction; but I do promise you the highest quality interpersonal experience of which I am capable. You must also know I have expectations of you. Just as I commit to my best, every day, I expect you to make the same commitment. If our relationship can rest on our mutual commitments, it then will be a serious challenge for each of us and a wonderful, shared opportunity. To help you in your decision, let me share what I think quality long-term relationships are like and how we should understand our commitment and responsibilities to each other. Once you have considered these ideas, you then need to thoughtfully decide whether you want to make the journey with me. It is and will continue to be your choice.”

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