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Trouble doing things most children his age do easily:

This is a complicated sign. The main question is why your child cannot do things when others the same age can. Ask yourself and your child whether he had a chance to learn. Was his chance as good as other children got? For example, just because he has been to school does not mean his chance was as good as theirs. Most children have people who help and encourage them. Have you done this for him consistently? Also, children do not all get equal treatment at school. Children who are clean, well-dressed, friendly, smart, and like school get a better shake than those who do not fit the mold.

If your child cannot do things most children can do, several steps are in order. First, do not jump to conclusions. The explanation likely is more complicated than you may think.

Anna cannot play games as well as most children her age. Here are some possible reasons. She does not know how. She does not enjoy playing games. She does not like the other children. They do not like her. She is ill. She does not understand the rules. She has a physical problem that keeps her from doing as well as the other children. She is afraid.

If you want to help, see if she will play with you. Now watch closely. You get ideas and clues about what the problem is. Check them out. Think about what it is she cannot do. Does she have problems understanding? How does she get along with the other children? Does she pay attention? How are her coordination, vision, and hearing? Do you notice something else that may cause her troubles?

For example, you might notice she does better when playing with just one other child. Does she have a social problem? You also notice she loses track of what is happening as she plays. Does she have a problem understanding what is happening? You notice she has trouble taking turns. She wants to keep all the toys for herself. Does she have problems cooperating? All these skills are used when playing. It now makes sense she might have problems playing games. It may not be a simple problem at all. It may be a complicated learning problem needing checked out.

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