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Signs of stress:

The following questions highlight common signs of stress you might see in your child. Even if they are not of specific concern to you today, still consider whether your child is having any of these problems. This facilitates your developing a broad perspective for thinking about problems your child may experience. You are initiating the process of exploring multiple areas within which signs of maladjustment and potential causes of those difficulties may be identified.

Consider whether your child has had the problem within the past week or so. If not, go to the next question. If he (or she) has experienced the problem, put a check mark beside the question and then go to the next question. Repeat the process until you have considered each question.

Does your child

*     Become restless and unable to calm down?

*     Have unusual trouble concentrating and paying attention?

*     Take more than an hour to go to sleep or awakened during the night, taking more than a half hour to go back to sleep?

*     Have bad dreams or nightmares?

*     Have headaches?

*     Have trouble with an upset stomach?

*     Cry for no apparent reason or have crying spells?

*     Lose his temper with little or no provocation?

If you did not check any of the questions, the likelihood is stress is not a significant problem for your child at this time. If you checked one or more questions, there may be stress- related difficulties. The following sections help you determine whether problematic stress is present and facilitate your pinpointing the issues.

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