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Simon says, “Be well-organized.”

“Organization” is among the few absolutely critical characteristics of a successful leader. Simon’s special brand of organization goes far beyond the day to day need to keep track of things and activities, though. He has an organized mind. Simon can and does think about things in an unusually organized way, has at his mental fingertips a huge range of relevant information and concepts, and routinely demonstrates his special ability to mentally organize complex problems and issues.

Simon’s level of mental organization sets him apart from merely competent leaders. He fully understands what needs to be understood. This by itself is impressive. The truly amazing thing, though, is Simon maintains this level of organization over time, as circumstances change, as what is important shifts, as information serves its purpose and is replaced with new information. Among other benefits for the team, Simon’s exceptional mental organization lets him see problems before they are problems, opportunities before they are opportunities, and solutions before others recognize there is an issue. By the time something needs done, he has already done it. His master touch is he makes it look easy. Unless you observe closely, you may never know anything exceptional is happening, right before your eyes.

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