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Session 17: Issues Of Power: Having It, Sharing It, Letting Go Of It

This session helps participants define power, learn how power is expressed, the costs and risks of power, what makes power work, and, finally, power, self-interest, and the change process.

Session 18: Customer Service In The Public Sector

Provides a guide for participants to understand and apply service excellence concepts derived from total quality management approaches. Participants learn skills to enhance difficult interactions with citizens, co-workers, and others, and identify ways to promote service excellence in their workplace.

Session 19: Capstone Seminar

Participants share a 1-2 page “white paper” which addresses the following questions: what have been significant learnings from this past year and what will participants do differently as a result of participating in this class that will benefit the children of Lorain County?

Session 20: Graduation Ceremony

A special time is set aside to celebrate accomplishments with fellow class members, instructors, and family members.

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