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Management Priorities

As you work with other members of the LCCS management team and with your subordinates, your primary attention is to be given to:

1.Cooperation–Emphasizing a helpful, supportive approach to relationships and activities.
2.Loyalty–Emphasizing working with employees by accommodating to special needs/interests and facilitating resolution of problems.
3.Caring–Emphasizing concern for and interest in the activities, successes, and problems of employees.
4.Sharing–Emphasizing talking with employees, reciprocal assistance, and mutual problem solving.
5.Respect–Emphasizing acceptance of employees’ beliefs/values, receptivity to employees’ thoughts/ideas, and sensitivity to employees’ feelings/interests.
6.Trust–Emphasizing giving employees the benefit of the doubt without blaming, accusing, or threatening.
7.Integrity–Emphasizing keeping commitments to and agreements made with employees.
8.Conflict Resolution–Emphasizing identifying, understanding, and working through conflicts and tensions among and between employees.

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