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Below are the LCCS management guidelines. They are intended to direct the behavior of management staff when working with agency employees. As you can see, they represent a practical application of the principles and strategies of adaptive leadership. Although it is important for the agency executive to operate effectively and successfully within the adaptive dimension of leadership, that by itself is insufficient. Leaders at all levels within the agency must function effectively within the adaptive dimension as well. Without that level of consistency throughout the agency, most employees will experience competent technical leadership but will not have the benefits of skilled, adaptive leadership. (Note that LCCS is a county administered agency with a “governing” Board appointed by the County Commissioners. Its non-management employees are unionized.)

In partnership with the community, the staff, foster parents, and volunteers of the Lorain County Children Services Board are committed to the safety and well-being of abused, neglected, and dependent children and their families by providing the highest quality protection, permanency, and prevention services for children and families.

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