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JimJim couldn’t make up his mind. Was it real? Was it a dream? Was it a big trick SueSue was playing on him?

On Friday, JimJim hung around in his room after PosterGuy left. Not much happened. He straightened up his closet. He hung up his clothes. He picked up his things laying around on the floor. He put the stuff piled in the corner on his shelves where it was supposed to be. He even did his homework.

JimJim was quietly playing a game on his computer. SueSue charged into his room. The purple shadow over her was very dark. She yelled, “Hey Beetle Brain. Are you coming to dinner? I’ve called you a hundred times. Are you off in outer space or something? The house could blow away and you would never know it. Talking to you is like talking to a rock. Forget that. A rock is more interesting. You better get yourself to dinner right now. You are going to be in big trouble.”

JimJim turned around quickly. SueSue was waiting. She knew what was coming. She was ready for it.

JimJim smiled and said, “Thank you SueSue. I’m sorry you had to call me a hundred times. I will come to dinner right now.”

SueSue was amazed. She just stood there with her mouth open. The purple shadow floated away. JimJim smiled as he walked past her on his way to dinner.

On Saturday, JimJim was shooting some hoops. The neighbor drove into her driveway. She opened the back of her van. She tried to lift a big box out. It was too big for her.

JimJim stopped playing ball. He walked over to her van. He smiled and said, “May I assist you?” Quickly, the box was safely out of the van and into her garage. She thanked JimJim. He smiled and said, “I enjoyed helping you.”

It was Saturday evening. SueSue and her friend played some board games. They had a snack. They left to visit with some of their other friends. JimJim saw the mess they left in the kitchen. He thought, “SueSue must have been in a hurry. She must have forgotten to clean things up.” He smiled as he cleaned up the mess and put everything away.

JimJim was helpful. He was polite. He smiled a lot. He followed the rules. He was nice to his sister. He got no timeout points. He did no timeouting. He was acting very weird. It was not like the old JimJim. It was like a strange kid moved in. It was like JimJim was gone. Even SueSue was starting to wonder what was wrong with him.

It was Sunday night. JimJim was in bed. He heard the voice. “We need to talk.”

JimJim looked around. Where was he? The lights were on. What were the lights doing on in his room when he was in bed? What happened to his room? This wasn’t his room. He was in a strange place. It wasn’t like anywhere he had been before.

There was a large round table. There were ten people already sitting at the table but one chair was still empty. He heard the voice.

“Have a seat. We have been expecting you. Thanks for coming. Welcome to the Council. We are happy that you are the newest Council Kid. It’s totally terrific to have you aboard.”

JimJim stared at the Council Kids. He sat in the empty seat. He took a big breath. He said, “Where are we? Where is this place? What is happening here? You are all just kids like me. Who are you anyway? You are definitely not some kind of big deal Council, no way. This is just a big trick. It’s just a crazy dream I’m having. I made you all up in a crazy dream. You aren’t real.”

“It’s not a crazy dream. We are definitely the big deal Council, yes way. We are all Council Kids like you. Welcome aboard, JimJim. You are the newest Council Kid.”

JimJim stared at the Council Kids. They stood up. They lined up. They moved around the table to him.

JimJim stood up. He shook hands with each Council Kid, one after the other. They welcomed him to the Council.

The last Council Kid shook JimJim’s hand. JimJim couldn’t believe it. It was him. It was PosterGuy. JimJim was speechless. This wasn’t happening.

PosterGuy said, “Welcome aboard.”

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