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The Council trio talked about what to do. They talked for a long time and finally decided. JimJim and PosterGuy didn’t feel very happy about the plan but they knew they had to do it.

The next morning, JimJim got to school a little early. He sat at the desk behind TT. PosterGuy was on his poster stuck to the wall in the corner. He had come along today incase there was big trouble. If any trouble started, he could go for help.

TT came into the classroom and walked to his desk. He said, “What are you doing in the wrong seat again JimJim? Don’t you know where your desk is? You better get back to your own desk. I’m getting sick and tired of you sitting over here and bothering me.”

JimJim said, “I have something to tell you. I took your gadget yesterday. I brought it back. Here it is. I’m sorry.”

JimJim handed TT’s gadget to him. He was expecting TT to yell at him or do something worse. JimJim didn’t know what TT would do but knew it would be really bad.

JimJim was shocked. TT just took his gadget and said, “I wondered what happened to it. I thought maybe you had taken it. Why are you giving it back? I thought you would break it or something if you had it.”

JimJim said, “I decided that taking your gadget wasn’t right. I don’t like what you do with it but taking it wasn’t right. That’s why I’m giving it back to you. I know what you do with it. I know about your purple shadows and that stuff. I know about the Shadow Kids. I know about everything but am not going to steal or break your things. I don’t know yet how we are going to do it but the Council Kids are going to stop you and your Shadow Kids. You can count on that. We are going to do it.”

TT was shocked and confused. He just stared as JimJim got up and walked back to his desk. JimJim wasn’t going to get away with taking his gadget. He couldn’t just say, “Sorry,” and think that is the end of it. No one was going to stop him and the Shadow Kids. He didn’t know what he would do but he would definitely do something.

That evening, JimJim and PosterGuy were telling SueSue what happened. They were all three surprised. TT hadn’t yelled. He hadn’t started pushing buttons on his gadget. Nothing bad had happened. The Council trio didn’t understand what had happened with TT and the Shadow Kids. That wasn’t what they expected. It was very strange.

The Council trio hung around talking about TT and the Shadow Kids for a while. They tried to figure out what TT was going to do. It was a little scary. They wished they knew what was going to happen.

Everyone was quiet for a while. They didn’t have any ideas. They couldn’t figure it out. SueSue said, “There is another thing I need to tell you about.”

JimJim and PosterGuy looked at SueSue. They were wondering what she needed to tell them. She said, “I had an idea today at school. I thought I would tell some of my friends about the Shadow Kids. I thought they would be interested.”

SueSue was quiet for a few seconds. JimJim and PosterGuy were waiting. They wanted to know what happened. She took a deep breath and said, “It didn’t work out the way I thought it would. They didn’t believe me. They said that they hadn’t seen any purple shadows or Shadow Kids. They thought I was just making it all up. They started laughing. They thought it was all pretty funny.”

JimJim asked SueSue what she had done when her friends started laughing at her. She said, “I was embarrassed. I tried to tell them that it’s really true but they just kept laughing.

“I got upset. I was getting really angry with them. So, I just told them. I told them everything. I told them about TT and his gadget. I told them about the Council Kids and about PosterGuy. I told them about the Shadow Kids capturing the Council Kids. I told them about JimJim stealing TT’s gadget.”

SueSue stopped to calm herself down. JimJim said, “I can understand why you are so upset. Your friends didn’t believe you. They laughed at you. That would make me mad too.”

PosterGuy said, “We can’t steal TT’s gadget. We can’t stop him from using it. He will keep doing whatever he wants to do and so will those trouble making Shadow Kids.

“SueSue tried telling her friends. She thought they might help us. That didn’t work either.

“Even JimJim’s thought-zapps don’t work. The purple shadows just block his thoughts and echo them back to him.

“Nothing we try works. What are we going to do? How can we ever defeat the Shadow Kids?”

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