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The Council trio just sat there for a while. This was all very strange. Finally JimJim said, “The Experiment works. Purple shadows can’t hurt us. We have to concentrate and be brave. They can only capture us if we get scared. Council Kid power is stronger than Shadow Kid power any day. Now we can get on with the next part of our new strategy.”

SueSue and PosterGuy were excited. They were ready for the next part of the new strategy. JimJim said, “So what if TT is spying on us!”

JimJim walked over to the shelves. He leaned down. He spoke directly into the little gadget. He said, “What’s up with you TT? Are you still out there doing your bullying stuff? Eavesdropping on us isn’t very polite. It’s just dandy if you know about our new strategy. Listen all you want to listen. Your purple shadows are very clever. I don’t know how you do that but it’s cool. Maybe you can make some shadows that are green or blue or yellow. Just having purple shadows is boring.

“If you want to take some notes, that’s okay too. We are going to discuss our new strategy. Listen carefully. Pay close attention. It’s your lucky day.”

PosterGuy and SueSue stared at JimJim. They looked at each other. They couldn’t believe it. Had JimJim lost his mind? He definitely went too far that time. TT was going to be very angry. There was no telling what he would do. It was not good to get a bully mad. Getting a genius bully like TT angry was a lot worse, a whole lot worse. JimJim had definitely gone too far that time.

SueSue and PosterGuy were getting worried. JimJim was just smiling. He thought he had figured it out. He knew how to defeat the Shadow Kids. His new strategy was working. He really was soooo smart.

Nothing happened for a while. No one said anything. It was very quiet. The Council trio was calming down. Then it happened. Everything suddenly changed.

The little gadget on the shelf started glowing. It got brighter and brighter. The light from it was a very deep purple and so bright that it hurt their eyes to look at it.

JimJim, SueSue, and PosterGuy were all three getting very worried. It wasn’t just another purple shadow. The light was growing. It was filling up JimJim’s room. It hurt their eyes. It was surrounding them. It was hard to see.

This was very bad. The Council trio thought it couldn’t get worse but it did.

At first, they thought they were imagining the sound. It got louder. It sounded like a very big bell. It rang slowly and then rang faster and faster. It clanged louder and louder. They thought they wouldn’t be able to  stand it.

Suddenly, a booming voice startled them. “We need to talk. You have gone too far this time. You have gone way too far this time.”

The Council trio looked around. Who was talking? Where was that voice coming from?

They saw it. It was TT’s face. The face was talking. It was huge. It completely filled one side of JimJim’s room.

The voice shouted, “So you think you have figured it all out. You think you are soooo smart. You have decided that my purple shadows can’t hurt you if you aren’t afraid of them. You figure that they are just shadows. You think you can mess with the Shadow Kids. You think you can mess with TT. You will learn your lesson. You are going to get what you have coming. This is definitely not your lucky day.”

The voice was way too loud. The Council trio couldn’t stand it. They pressed their hands over their ears but it didn’t help. The angry words filled up the room.

The voice kept it up. “You think you are very clever, don’t you? Most kids can’t see my purple shadows. They were working fine until you came along. You have messed up my game. It’s not fair. It’s all your fault. I’m going to get you for that. You can’t mess with TT and get away with it.”

The voice became even louder. “You can’t get away with messing up my game. I’m a genius. You will see what happens when you mess with a genius. You are going to be sorry. You are definitely going to be sorry for sticking your nose into my business.

“I will be watching you. Your new strategy won’t work. Listen. When you hear the bell, you will know I’m watching you. You can’t get away with messing with the Shadow Kids. Don’t mess with TT. If I have to come back, it’s lights out for all of you. It’s lights out for your big deal Council too. You can count on that.”

As quickly as he had appeared, poof, TT disappeared. He was gone and so was his little gadget. Only his old ball cap was left.

The Council trio was shocked. They were speechless. They were too frightened to move. Things were getting very strange.

It took a while but SueSue finally could talk. “That was the scariest think that has ever happened to me. I thought TT was going to really hurt us. I thought we were goners.”

JimJim said, “Me too. I was really scared. It looks like TT wins. I’m not going to mess with TT again. He is too powerful.”

PosterGuy said, “I was very scared too. TT is a very powerful bully. He is a genius bully. He knows how to frighten us. I want to run away and hide. His powers are too strong. We can’t defeat him.”

The Council trio was scared and very sad. Their shoulders were drooping. Their heads were nodding. They definitely felt like giving up. It was over. TT and the Shadow Kids had won.

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