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The purple shadow was back but JimJim still didn’t notice it. He took another deep breath. He didn’t like this even one little bit. He shook PosterGuy’s hand. He looked him right in the eye. He asked, “Who says you get to be my new best friend? Who made you PosterGuy? At least you are right about one thing. I will definitely get way more than nine timeouts before this week is over. I timeout more than anyone else in the whole world. I’m the world champion timeouter. What do you think about that?”

PosterGuy said, “You are definitely not the world champion timeouter yet. You are getting very close. You still have a few timeouts to go. You will have to get some timeouts every day for a couple  more days before you are world champion. You still have a couple of days before it’s too late. You are not world champion timeouter, not yet.”

JimJim still didn’t notice the strange purple shadow but It was definitely there. It was starting to cover JimJim.

JimJim said, “Maybe I want to be world champion. I will be world champion timeouter if I want to be. You can’t stop me. Just who do you think you are? You are definitely not the boss around here. This is my room. I’m the boss in my room.”

The purple shadow just hung there for another second or two and then it disappeared. It was like it was never there.

PosterGuy smiled. He said, “That is the way it was until right now. You were the boss. There is a new boss now. That is me, yours truly, PosterGuy.”

The purple shadow was back. It was covering JimJim. This was very strange.

JimJim said, “I don’t like you being the boss. You can’t come into my room and tell me what to do. If you want to be the boss, you will have to go somewhere else. Just get back in your poster. Go back to wherever you came from. Get out of my room.”

JimJim shivered big time. It was his imagination, He thought. He was only imagining it. It couldn’t be real. It sounded to JimJim like kids cheering. It was like a huge crowd cheering. They were cheering for him. “Way to go JimJim. Don’t let PosterGuy boss you around. You are the greatest, JimJim.”

JimJim just shook his head. It was only his imagination. It had to be his imagination. It could not have been anything else. There wasn’t a crowd in his room. No one was cheering. It was only his imagination.

PosterGuy frowned and said, “It’s too late. You only have a couple of days to go. After that, you are world champion timeouter.

“You are nearly there. You’ve only got a few more timeouts to go. You get your own trophy. You do your timeouting in the Champion’s trophy.

“There is a little window in the trophy so kids can see you in there doing timeout. Maybe they will put you in the trophy case at school. Other kids can point and say, ‘There is JimJim, what a guy. Way to go, Champ.'”

The shadow was a much darker purple than it was before. JimJim nearly disappeared into it that time. The purple shadow was definitely there but JimJim still didn’t notice it. For him, it was like the purple shadow wasn’t even there.

JimJim was getting really angry. He said, “No way. I like being right here where I am. I won’t be put into any trophy. I don’t want to be world timeout champion. I won’t do it.”

As JimJim talked, the purple shadow got lighter and smaller. It floated up to the ceiling and over to the wall. It slid down the wall and landed on one of JimJim’s shelves. It hid in a corner behind an old ball cap. His friend TerryTerry left the cap there the other day. Everyone called him TT. He was always leaving his stuff laying around. Now it was like the purple shadow was never there. It was way too weird.

JimJim was calming down. He said, “I don’t want to do timeout in a trophy. I won’t do it, no way. You can’t make me do it.”

PosterGuy smiled. He said, “What happens is not  up to me. It’s up to you. It’s all up to you. You will figure it out for yourself. You can figure out stuff like that because you are soooo smart.”

PosterGuy suddenly popped back into his poster. It rolled up and slid down to the floor. The poster rolled across the floor to the door, slid under, and disappeared. Zip Zap, PosterGuy was gone.

JimJim sat on his bed. He thought about his choices.

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