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Pause to Consider

·       What Guiding Principles and Priorities do you want for your agency? Why?

·       What behavior and activities will you use to assure your employees understand, accept, and support the mission of your agency?

·       What policies, rules, and operating guidelines do you think are necessary to assure your employees conform their behavior and activities to your agency’s Guiding Principles and Priorities?

·       How will you go about defining and maintaining a rational, flexible Organizational Structure and internal environment within which your agency staff members function with a minimum of administrative or bureaucratic control or interference?

·       How will you go about providing clear, consistent direction, assuring each of your staff members knows and understands what is expected of him (or her) and what behavior and actions are acceptable and which are unacceptable?

·       What behavior and actions will be necessary for you to maximize Personal Control for each of your staff members over his (or her) activities and experience within the internal eco system?

·       What behavior and actions will you pursue to encourage cooperation, loyalty, caring, sharing, respect, trust, and integrity as priorities for your employees?

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