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Table of Contents



1: Perspectives on This & That

Leave Getting Angry To The Pros

The Mystery Of Intuition

Just A Little Gossiping

An Apple Pie From Scratch

Dave Barry: Diplomat

Conversations With A Brick

Too Complex To Solve

F’ing Has A Lot Going For It

The Television Police

Requisites For Contented Living

Leave Mine To Me

The Companion Of Wisdom

The Toothache Principle

The Frustrating Elite

Happiness Is A Habit

The Cure For Boredom

The Gap Between Have and Should

Taking The Hint

The Static In Your World

The Fountains Of Knowledge

Kindnesses When You Can

Persuasive Arm Twisting

Thinking Is Hard Work

Seizing Opportunities

2: Perspectives on Character & Virtue

The Key To Virtue

Conscience Has An Attitude

Bridges To Cross and Bridges To Burn

The God Of Good Manners

Let Me Do It Now

The Royal High Road

Perfect Virtue

True Enough

Soothing Your Vanity

Letting Others Become

3:Perspectives on Children & Family

The Marriage Triangle

Broken Men

Stop The Bullies

Both May Be Right

For Your Child

The Loving Touch

Children Are People Too

The Tie That Binds

Expanding Options

Accepted By Whom

Pass It Along

4: Perspectives on Interpersonal Excellence



Thoughtless Caution

The Right Road


Take Charge

A Less Arbitrary Social Fabric

Expect With Confidence

People As Is

Praise Out Of Season

Philosophy Of Responsibility

Always Tomorrow

All The More


Pointing At Himself

Uncongenial Tone

Calmness of Mind

Who You Are

Unwilling To Argue

Shadow Of The Other

All You’ve Got

Spiritual Progress

Uncompensated Expense

In A Snit

The Calmest Person

Jewels Of Wisdom

No Matter What Has Happened

The Decisive Factor



Idle Your Motor

Lend A Hand


Don’t Believe in Circumstances

The Expected Outcome

The Inquiring Mind

One Right Action

Make A Mess Of It

A Familiar Pattern

Sustained Thinking

Going Around Problems

Lasting Motivation

Challenge Of Leadership

Wise Unselfishness

Conform To The Criteria

Seldom Impatient

Your Proper Role

Like You Expect

Good Instincts

An Excellent Fit

Most Likely To Disconnect


Generally On-Target

Slow To Share


5: Perspectives on Success

Facing Angry Bears

Failure Is Merely An Event

Getting On With Getting On

Get Out Of Your Way

Light Your Fire

Superman Thinking

Fear Of Consequence

Smart Luck

Beating The Peter Principle

Fail To Succeed

Can and Did

Careful Vine Planting

Change Management

The Road To Success

Overdoing To Do

Control and Hunches

Thinking Is Hard Work

6: Perspectives on Leadership

Leadership Hodgepodge

Not About The Leader

Leadership and Decisions

Leadership and Virtue

Producing Leaders

The Ladder Of Success

Leadership Cause and Effect

Leadership and Chaos

Leadership Magic

Leadership and Vision

When A Leader Isn’t Needed

Singing That Song

Leading Is Doing

The Leadership Disconnect

The Full Truth