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Simon says, “If you are in the relationship for the long-term, be consistent and predictable.”

Simon says, “Be fun to be around.”

Simon says, “Be attractive.”

Simon says, “Give the relationship your best shot.”

Simon says, “Be attentive and self-disciplined.”

Simon says, “Be value compatible.”

Simon says, “Be someone by whom your significant other would want to be judged.”

Simon says, “Have compatible expectations.”

Simon says, “See your relationship as your exclusive opportunity and responsibility.”

Simon says, “Do not make demands of your significant other or set one-sided conditions on your relationship.”

Simon says, “Be dependable and keep your commitments.”

Simon says, “Do not become competitive.”

Simon says, “Have faith.”

Simon says, “Talk and share.”

Simon says, “Encourage involvement with each other’s activities and friends.”

Simon says, “Value, understand, support, and encourage your significant other.”

Simon says, “Be open to your significant other’s feelings, point of view, and opinions.”

Simon says, “Be patient and gentle.”

Simon says, “Be very specific when criticizing or saying anything negative.”

Simon says, “Accept and deal constructively with the ups-and-downs in your relationship.”

Simon says, “Proactively manage those times when your significant other is upset or in a bad mood.”

Simon says, “Snap back from disappointments or when things do not go your way.”

Simon says, “Always give your significant other the benefit of the doubt.”

Simon says, “Take the first step to make things better or to improve things within your relationship.”