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Study Questions:

1.What is one specific procedure directing your practice? (Briefly explain in your own words.)
2.What is one specific “invention” you have used to expand your practice beyond the specific actions required by a program or agency procedure? This is a time when you went beyond or outside of the procedure to “make it work” for your client.
3.What is one specific example of “best practice” you use in your day to day work? This is an action or approach primarily guided by formal theory and empirical evidence of effectiveness.

Rating Scale (Rate your practice, program, or agency.):

0. B: “Procedures” not integrated into practice.

1. B: “Procedures” integrated into practice.

2. B: “Continuous Invention” partially integrated into practice.

3. B: “Continuous Invention” integrated into practice.

4. B: “Best Practice” partially integrated into practice.

5. B: “Best Practice” integrated into practice.

Practice Strategies:

Now list three specific strategies you will use to increase your practice level. For example, if you rated your practice at the “2” level, what three strategies will you use to increase your practice level to “3?”




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