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Case 12:

This family was referred to SS by the police who indicated a 3-week-old child was in a dangerous environment. Police had received reports of abuse by his father. The agency worker visited the home and spoke with mother. She admitted father had “spanked” the baby leaving black and blue marks on the child the week before. Father was upset with the child for crying.

Mother also admitted to the worker she had been beaten by father the night before and had severe bruising. Mother refused all services.

Police were contacted and they confronted mother and father about the abuse and domestic violence issues. Mother admitted to them father had beaten her and spanked the baby leaving black and blue marks. She refused to leave the home with the baby or to leave father. She is very dependent on father and won’t voluntarily disassociate herself or the child from him, even temporarily so he can obtain help for his problems. Father was arrested for domestic violence and was released on bond. Since mother wouldn’t keep the child away from father, the child was placed into care.

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