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Case 11:

The custody of this child, age 6, was given to SS by the court because of severe conflicts between the parents regarding custody of the child. The child had been subjected to several physical exams connected to numerous accusations of physical and sexual abuse or neglect by one of the parents against the other. A case plan was developed and both parents were interviewed along with the child. Due to continued allegations of sexual abuse, the child was referred for a medical exam. Genital warts were discovered. There remains a possibility of sexual abuse but the perpetrator is unknown. To date, there are no clear statements from the child.

Parents have a history of hostility toward each other, distorting factual events to various service providers, and making charges with the police against each other or family members. The child is being used as a pawn between the parents. She appears to be painfully aware of her parents’ animosity, emotionally shutting down to the point where she won’t discuss her parents or her personal experiences in even non-threatening conversations. Parents are unable to protect the child from their mutual, extreme hostility and are unable to understand the emotional harm the child is experiencing from repeated investigations and ongoing suspicions and arguments in the child’s presence.

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