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Case 1:

SS has, in the past, received referrals regarding neglect of these two children, ages 5 and 8. The Agency has substantiated past referrals and determined the parents weren’t providing for the needs of the children. As a result of earlier actions, the parents are currently on probation for child endangering.

The Agency has found the following current circumstances putting the children at risk: Parents have a history of chronic housing instability including numerous evictions and substandard, unsanitary living conditions. Children and parents are currently residing in a single motel room. The motel manager reports the room is “filthy” and the plumbing is backed up. The children have missed numerous days of school and aren’t receiving appropriate care or adequate nutrition. SS worker observed the children’s behavior was seemingly uncontrolled and they were difficult to manage. Both children show mild developmental delays and routine medical care hasn’t been provided.

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