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Simon on Success

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Simon On Success

Simon says, “Let’s get a couple of things out in the open so you can get them behind you. Yes, it is possible to strike it rich, to have an inspiration for an invention making you famous while it makes your fortune, and maybe even to have a sudden insight leading you to the right end of the rainbow, pot of gold and all.”

Sure, some lucky ducks were born with silver spoons in their mouths. In life’s great poker game, some people get better cards than others. It is enough to make you just sit down and cry.

Before you drown in your tears, though, remember your good friend Simon did say instant success is possible, if all you want is money, status, or a free ride. The odds are not in your favor but it might happen. Hanging your future on it is a bit risky; but a possibility is still a possibility. If instead, you would rather hang your future on something a little more substantial, Simon has a suggestion for your thoughtful consideration:

•Cultivate your success.

“Give me more credit than that, Simon,” you say. “Like you, I didn’t just come into town on a load of logs. I’ve been there too. I know success isn’t going to just drop into my lap out of the blue. I have to work for it and am certainly willing to do whatever it takes; but where do I start? How do I cultivate success?”

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