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Simon says, “Take the first step to make things better or to improve things within your relationship.”

Have you ever been at a football game and seen a ball skillfully thrown far down the field? Two receivers go toward the ball about to catch the perfect pass. Suppose that they both hold back, assuming that the other will get this one. After the play, they each tell the coach, “It wasn’t my turn. I got the last one. I’m getting tired of always being the one to go after the ball.” What do you think the coach will have to say about that? Is it safe to figure that, among his other comments, there will be one about taking turns having nothing to do with it? He will likely also make the point that each play stands on its own. He might even point out that it matters not how the ball got there either. It was there and both players had a responsibility to work together to be sure that the ball was caught.

Simon’s final point about long-term relationships is no more complicated than this.

•           “Once the ball drops, it no longer matters whose fault it was or whose turn it was.”

If you can take the first step to improve things or to make things better in your relationship, take it. It’s the right thing to do.

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