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Hears voices and sees things others do not hear and cannot see:

This sign is called hallucinating and can be caused by high fevers, drug reactions, or some type of poisoning. If the sign suddenly appears, consider these possibilities first. They mean your child needs medical attention immediately.

Your child may tell you about things that may seem like auditory or visual hallucinations when they are only dreams. At other times, it just seems to him like something odd happened when it did not. Any of these causes do not last long and do not recur. Even at that, do not brush them off as unimportant. As with other signs, watch for additional indicators of difficulty.

When hallucinations are a sign of mental illness, they happen from time-to-time. Also, your child believes they are real. Usually, he will tell you about them, especially if you ask if he is still hearing the voices or seeing the visions. If not, you can likely tell by watching him. You will see he is watching the visions or listening to the voices. – Again, keep in mind this sign, as others, may be related to substance misuse and abuse. Simply stay open to the possibility and take any suspicion you have seriously.

Let’s finish consideration of mentally ill children by reiterating this point. These signs are very serious. If you see any of them in your child, Get specialized help. Your physician will help you get the help your child must have.

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