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Very strange thoughts and feelings he cannot understand or control:

Any child may need help understanding his thoughts and feelings. At times, he may need extra understanding from his parents and time to talk about what is going on in his life. His thoughts and feelings may seem strange to him and be hard for him to figure out; but his parents may see them as little more than a part of growing up.

If your child’s thoughts and feelings make him very uneasy and do not go away in a couple of weeks, counseling likely will help. Also, if they make you very uncomfortable, your talking with your child’s physician is wise. If the thoughts and feelings are violent or destructive, it is a sign of anger and rage and is something your child needs help with right away.

If your child’s thoughts and beliefs are quite strange or very out of the ordinary, specialized mental health intervention is important. These kinds of thoughts and ideas might include your child’s thinking he has special powers, people are controlling his thoughts, or other supernatural or far-out beliefs. Take time to be sure he is not just pretending or putting you on. Nonetheless, strange and uncontrolled thoughts and feelings can be a sign of serious mental illness.

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