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Is your child;

*     In good health and not often ill?

*     Usually energetic and interested in what is going on in his world?

*     Normally relaxed and comfortable with himself?

*     Self-confident in most situations?

*     Eating regularly in normal amounts?

*     Staying away from alcohol or other drugs?

*     Happy and in a good mood most of the time?

*     Well-behaved most of the time?

*     Managing his anger and temper responsibly?

*     Feeling successful most of the time?

*     Responsible and dependable most of the time?

*     Dealing well with most day-to-day stresses and pressures?

*     Making and keeping friends his age?

*     Involved with friends who you know and of whom you approve?

*     Going to school regularly?

*     Doing well in school?

*     Finishing homework and other assignments on time?

*     Cooperating with teachers and others at school?

*     Involved in school activities and projects?

*     Talking with you and other adults about his activities, friends, and problems?

Now that you have answered the questions, how do you decide if your child has problems or issues needing special attention? If you answered “Yes,” to each question, your child is likely doing just fine. If not, your child’s problems need extra thought and attention.

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