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For Managers

Managers is a continuation of the PIP approach. 
The manager’s inventory is divided into sections, with statements
included in each section.  The scoring
procedure is the same as used before. 
Read each statement, giving yourself a “5” if the statement is almost
always true for you as a manager, a “4” if it is usually true for you as a
manager, a “3” if it is sometimes true, a “2” if it is seldom true, and a “1”
if it is almost never true for you as a manager.

Each section
includes three statements.  Add together
your self-ratings for each statement and divide by “3”.  This will give you an average score for that
section.  Once you have completed all
sections, add together all of the average scores and divide by the total number
of sections.  This will give you a
managerial quotient.  Your goal should be
to achieve a managerial quotient of at least 4.5.

Although the
inventory is intended for managers within organizations, it will also be useful
for individuals who manage families, community organizations, and small
groups.  It will be also useful for those
who wish to evaluate individuals in managerial positions.

You will note
that the first six sections represent managerial priorities, while the last
seven sections represent managerial processes. 
It may be useful for you to calculate your sub-quotient for the combined
“priorities” area and for the combined “processes” area.  This will help you evaluate your managerial
strengths both in terms of assuring organizational priorities and assuring that
the necessary processes are occurring that will lead to actualization of those

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