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Simon says, “Pitch in and do what needs done.”

Leaders are doers. This is a simple principle but Simon has elevated it to an art form. You can count on Simon to do what needs done and to give his 110%. Lazy is not a term anyone uses when talking about Simon.

What you also need to know is your leader Simon expects the same from everyone on his team. Put this in context, though. “Pitching in” does not apply to other people’s work. If it needs done and they are not doing it, you can be certain it will get done, even if Simon needs to do it himself. At the same time, Simon will take whatever action is necessary to assure such negligence does not recur. Doing what needs done starts with doing what you are expected to do.

Having said that, there is always this and that needing done with no one specifically responsible for doing it. On Simon’s team, it does not have to be said Simon will and does pitch in. The same level of responsibility and initiative is the order of the day for everyone else.

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