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Simon says, “Accurately understand and appreciate your skills and limitations.”

Knowing what he does well and then doing it well are among Simon’s strongest assets. What you need to know is he will make a point of learning what you do well so you too spend most of your time in the strength of your game. He understands his team cannot excel unless all team members spend most of their time doing what they do best.

There is another side of this strategy that is equally important, though. Simon knows his limitations and will come to know yours. The team is then developed in part by filling in the identified limitations with people who are strong in those areas. Beyond this, Simon is making a personal point. His limitations keep him from achieving his mission. He does not have the skills, know-how, and resources to get there by himself. For Simon, you are not just a follower, a member of the winning team. You are critical to his success.

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