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This is how to rate yourself.

First, total the numbers you put beside the bullets. Your total score will be from 0 to 60. Once you have your total, This is how to interpret your score.

46 to 60  You are definitely at the top of your game and show signs of becoming a super-star, a certified member of the personal excellence creme de la creme.

31 to 45  You are not yet setting the standard for others; but you are showing real promise. You may be tempted to concentrate your efforts on the principles where you gave yourself a “0” or a “1;” but that would be a mistake. Give your best effort to raising the “2” principles to “3.” Spend more effort getting great at the things you are already good at than on improving those things you don’t manage very well.

16 to 30  Give yourself credit for at least being willing to complete the self-check. You are likely a latecomer who is unfamiliar with life’s most important lessons. Nonetheless, you may have what it takes. Work at it, every day, in every way. Also, identify a personal mentor whose style and approach you respect and appreciate and then consider emulating the example being set for you; identify a Simon worthy of being followed and then follow your leader.

0 to 15  Well, what can I say? It doesn’t matter much anyway since you don’t care what others think about you and your behavior. You are certainly your own person, sure enough; and ain’t that a relief! At least those of us who are committed to doing it right, the first time, on time, every time won’t have to spend much time hanging around with you and your friends, if you actually have any.

Yes, you are right. It’s true. There are a lot more of you than There are of us; but our numbers are growing; and as unlikely as it may seem today, even you may one day decide to join us in our pursuit of personal excellence.

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