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As discussed above, an important element of the strategic planning process is defining the role of the agency in achieving child protection, permanence, and well being in the context of safe and stable families. The following represents the community’s expectations for LCCS, as developed through its strategic planning process. These standards and outcomes apply to LCCS as a participant in the Children’s Safety Net and are the measures of the agency’s public accountability within the community.

·       The safety and well being of its children is the community’s responsibility. LCCS is an agent of the community, acts on its behalf, and is, thus, accountable to the community.

·       The primary role of LCCS is to protect children who have been abused or neglected from further abuse and neglect by collaborating with the community to develop and deliver the “best practice” child welfare services for the safety and well being of children and to achieve a more responsive environment in which to raise a family.

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