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Factors To Be Considered By The Caseworker:

Participants were asked what factors they thought should be considered when the caseworker makes a recommendation either that a child should stay in the home or be removed. First, they hoped they could assume that there are guidelines that cover that type of decision.

·       I assume caseworkers must have some type of training about the questions to ask.

Beyond that, though, participants did express their opinions about the factors that should be considered:

·       The potential for the parents to resolve the problem themselves

·       The severity of the problem

·       The family’s history and past substantiation of abuse

·       The living conditions of the home on a surprise visit

·       What the child reports or says

·       The quality of interactions between the parent and child

·       The age of the child

·       Whether the family has sought help

·       The effect on the child of being jerked in and out and in and out of the home

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