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The sun was streaming through his window when JimJim woke up Monday morning. He yawned. He stretched. He sat up on the edge of his bed. He shook his head. He didn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe it. He wouldn’t believe it. It was just a crazy dream. It wasn’t real, no way.

JimJim got dressed for school. Before going to breakfast, he checked to be sure he didn’t forget to wipe off the sink, put his toothbrush away, hang up the towel, yada-yada, bla-bla. At breakfast, he ate slowly and neatly. He said “Please,” and “Thank you.”

JimJim smiled at his sister. He said, “Good morning SueSue. You are looking very nice this morning. I certainly hope you have a totally terrific day.”

School on Monday was more of the same. JimJim was cool. His homework was complete and turned in to his teacher. He paid attention. He didn’t whisper or pass notes. He Walked slowly in the hallway. He stood patiently in line.

In the lunchroom, someone hit him in the head with a lima bean. Did he throw something back at them? Did he tell the lunch lady on them? Not JimJim, the new JimJim, the cool JimJim. He didn’t leave the lima bean on the floor either. He picked it up. He put it on his tray. He quietly dumped it in the trash when he left the lunchroom.

Zip Zip, Zap Zap. JimJim made it through Monday. He had no problems. He got no timeout points. It was the new JimJim. No one knew what happened to the old JimJim. There was only the new JimJim, the newest Council Kid.

People were getting used to the new JimJim. Even SueSue wasn’t shocked anymore. She still thought JimJim was acting strangely but she wasn’t shock when he was nice to her. She thought the old JimJim would be back soon. In the meantime, the new JimJim wass okay.

JimJim was getting used to it too. He liked not doing any timeouts. He thought that was totally terrific. He still thought that it was all very weird but he could handle it. “So far, so good,” He thought.

There was one odd thing on Monday. JimJim was at school. It was after lunch. He was sitting in his classroom. He listened carefully to his teacher as she talked. At least he tried to listen carefully. It was hard to pay attention. Someone was whispering.

JimJim glanced over at the kid in the next row. That was where the whispering was coming from. It was the kid in front of his friend TT.

TT wasn’t whispering. He was just smiling and playing with his gadget. He always had it with him. It looked like a book but had a lot of buttons.

When JimJim asked TT about his gadget the other day, TT just smiled. He said, “This is my special gadget. That is all I can tell you about it.”

It was very strange. JimJim was curious. He thought that it was some kind of new game that TT had invented. TT was the only real genius in the school. He invented things and did other genius stuff. JimJim finally just quit asking TT about the gadget. TT wasn’t going to tell anyone. He acted like it was some kind of big secret.

JimJim thought, “TT is going to get in trouble. It won’t be long until it’s timeout for TT.” He chuckled to himself as he thought, “It’s going to be T-O for TT. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be playing with his gadget in the classroom.”

It all happened very quickly. JimJim looked at his teacher. She was looking at TT. JimJim knew that it was about to happen. TT was about to get a timeout.

JimJim looked directly at TT. He concentrated. He thought, “Pay attention. Put your gadget away. You are about to get a timeout. No gadget playing in the classroom. Look at the teacher and pay attention.”

TT just kept pushing the buttons on his gadget. He looked over at JimJim and smiled. He then looked back at the Teacher. TT nodded and quietly slipped his gadget into his book bag. He started paying attention. The Teacher smiled at TT and went back to the lesson.

Everything was fine for a while. It was quiet. All of the students were paying attention. It happened again. JimJim heard someone whispering. It was the kid in front of TT.

JimJim thought, “I might as well try it on that kid. Maybe I can stop the whispering.”

JimJim looked at the kid. He concentrated.  He started to think, “Pay attention. You are going  to get a timeout. No whispering. Look at the teacher and pay attention.”

Before JimJim could finish his thought, it happened. A purple shadow covered the kid in front of TT. That time, JimJim could see it. That was definitely very strange.

The kid kept whispering. The teacher stopped and looked at him. He kept whispering. It was timeout for the kid. The teacher wrote his name on the board. She told him that he had a timeout during recess.

Another strange thing happened when the purple shadow covered the kid. It was like an echo. JimJim heard his own voice saying, “Pay attention. You are going to get a timeout. No whispering. Look at the teacher and pay attention.” Somehow, the purple shadow blocked JimJim’s thoughts.

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