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The Council Kid trio felt happy. They were back together again. They were ready to work on the Council’s mission. It was time to get back to keeping kids from getting into trouble. That was the Council’s mission. It was the Council trio’s mission too. Shadow Kids BEWARE.

JimJim said, “We need a strategy. We definitely need a cool strategy and I have one for us.”

JimJim walked as he talked. “TT and the other Shadow Kids are definitely bullies and  trouble makers. They are very good at it. They say stuff. They do stuff. Zip Zap, kids start getting into trouble. Do we agree about that?”

PosterGuy and SueSue nodded. SueSue said, “You are definitely right about that.”

JimJim said, “The Council Kids try to stop the Shadow Kids’ trouble making. We try to keep kids from getting into trouble. That’s our mission.”

JimJim stopped to stare out the window. He turned and looked at PosterGuy and SueSue. He could see that he had their attention.

JimJim said, “We try to stop the trouble making but the Shadow Kids stop us. We concentrate. We use our powers. I do some thought-zapping. TT pushes some buttons on his gadget. Purple shadows pop up. We get scared. We stop concentrating on our mission. I stop thought-zapping. The Shadow Kids do more trouble making. Council Kids lose. Shadow Kids win. How am I doing so far? Is that what is happening?”

PosterGuy said, “You have it right.”

SueSue nodded. She said, “That’s a thumbs up from me too. That’s exactly what is going on. What do we do about it? What is our new strategy?”

JimJim said, “Here is another part of this puzzle. TT is eavesdropping on us. He listens in on our conversations. He uses his little gadgets to spy on us. There is one in my room. There may be a little gadget hiding anywhere we are. We never know. We need a new strategy.

JimJim sat on the edge of SueSue’s bed. He took a big breath and cleared his throat. He said, “We need a strategy that works even if TT is spying on us. We need a strategy that works even if we do get scared. We need a strategy that stops all of that trouble making. The Council Kids have to defeat the Shadow Kids. We definitely need a cool strategy and here it is.”

JimJim took one more big breath. He said, “First, we stop being scared. I have figured something out. The purple shadows can only capture us if we are afraid. It’s the only time it happens.

“When the purple shadow captured PosterGuy in the Great Council Hall, he just concentrated. He popped away from it and nothing bad happened. After the purple shadows disappeared from over the other Council Kids, nothing bad happened. They attacked me at school but they didn’t win. Purple shadows only work if we are scared of them.”

PosterGuy and SueSue looked surprised. They thought about what JimJim was saying. “Is he right? Do purple shadows only work if we are scared of them?” They thought some more. “Yes, he is right. That’s definitely what is going on with the purple shadows. At least he might be right. Maybe he is right.”

JimJim had an experiment he wanted to try. The Council trio went back to JimJim’s room. When they got there, JimJim wrote a note on the tablet laying on his desk. He pointed at the note and SueSue and PosterGuy read the note. It said, “This is an experiment. I’m going to try to get a purple shadow to appear. Don’t be afraid. We will see if I’m right about this stuff. Wish me luck. Here it goes.”

JimJim started yelling. He waved his arms. He walked around. He said, “I have taken all I’m going to take of this. I’m tired of being a good kid. I don’t want to be a Council Kid any more. SueSue, you and PosterGuy get out of my room. Get out right now. The Shadow Kids are right. Getting into trouble is cool. TT really is a genius. He is the greatest.”

JimJim kept yelling. He kept walking. He got madder and madder. The top of TT’s little gadget on the shelf started glowing. A purple shadow creeped out of the side of the little gadget. It got bigger and darker. It floated over JimJim. It dropped down over his head.

SueSue and PosterGuy stared. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The purple shadow was going to capture JimJim.

JimJim made himself relax. He took a few deep breaths. He concentrated. He smiled and thought, “Purple shadow, go away. You can’t hurt me today. I’m not afraid of you or those Shadow Kids. You can’t capture me. I’m a Council Kid. You can’t defeat us today. Goodbye. Have a totally terrific day.”

Poof. The purple shadow disappeared.

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