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Children’s Parenting Assessment

This activity basically follows the same idea as was used in the parenting assessment activity except that it looks at the parent/child relationship from the young person’s point of view.  It will assist youngsters in thinking about the various areas and responsibilities involved in parenting and facilitate their developing a more understanding sense of how tough it really is to be a parent. Also, it will enable the young person to more clearly explain to his/her parent those things which the young person is finding most problematic or difficult within the parent/child relationship.

When there are difficulties in the parent/child relationship, it will be helpful for the parent to complete the parenting assessment activity and for the young person to complete this activity.  They may then compare and talk about their ratings.

Use a rating scale from five to one: five equals almost always, four equals usually, three equals sometimes, two equals seldom, and one equals almost never.  When you are finished rating each statement, add the ratings together and divide the total by fifteen.  The result is a youngster’s parenting score.  Generally, a score of 4.0 or higher is found in mutually satisfying and effective parent/child relationships.

My Parent

1. Is reasonable and fair when disciplining me.

2. Understands what I need and what is important to me.

3. Is able to get me to cooperate.

4. Spends time with me.

5. Is someone with whom I like to spend time.

6. Is interested in my activities.

7. Knows about and is helping me with my problems and difficulties.

8. Is pleased with and proud of me.

9. Gives me my space.

10. Sets a good example for me.

11. Takes time to talk with me.

12. Is interested in my ideas and in what I think about things.

13. Sticks up for me when I am right.

14. Lets me be me.

15. Is a good parent.

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