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Elements of Positive Interpersonal Style

Below are thirty words that describe interpersonal traits, attitudes, or characteristics that are found in effective relationships.  Your being a person with style who is good at relationships depends on how often these traits and characteristics are present in your relationships.  Using a scale from five to one, rate yourself in terms of how often these traits and characteristics are present for you in your relationships with your family members.  Five equals almost always, four equals usually, three equals sometimes, two equals seldom, and one equals almost never.

Using one word at a time and rating yourself on each item, think in terms of a statement that says, “In my relationships with people in my family, I am _____.”  Fill in the blank with each of the thirty words below and then rate yourself in terms of the thirty statements.

1. Accepting

2. Affectionate

3. Ambitious

4. Assertive

5. Attractive

6. Considerate

7. Consistent

8. Dependable

9. Decisive

10. Energetic

11. Fair

12. Flexible

13. Gentle

14. Giving

15. Hardworking

16. Helpful

17. Honest

18. Involved

19. Loyal

20. Moral

21. Open

22. Patient

23. Playful

24. Positive

25. Predictable

26. Relaxed

27. Responsible

28. Spontaneous

29. Supportive

30. Tolerant

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