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What is the conclusion?

We can understand the SSI internal eco system in terms of the elements and entities within the system. The internal eco system is also understood in terms of the people who accept the duties and responsibilities involved in assuring the SSI internal eco system functions successfully. The best-designed system fails if the right people are not in the right positions, doing the right things right. For this reason, selecting the right people is critical for the success of the internal eco system.

The process of selecting the right people starts with renewing our commitment to the guiding principles and priorities discussed in Chapter Four. With those prerequisites in mind, SSI staff members expect a working environment where they function with a minimum of administrative or bureaucratic control or interference. They function as self-managing organisms within the internal eco system and succeed with a minimum of traditional management. Functioning independently within the existing rule and resource parameters is a bottom-line requirement for SSI staff membership. Their success is then judged in terms of the extent to which they achieve the expected outcomes.

For those candidates who choose to pursue the SSI opportunity, there are additional requirements. They must be substantially qualified for the position they are considering. This means they must meet or exceed the high academic, licensure, skill, and experience standards set by SSI for the position they are considering. Additionally, they must qualify as an SSI staff member in reference to the additional criteria discussed in this Chapter. Beyond this, they need to flourish in an environment within which Managers function consistently with the Manager criteria presented above and in earlier chapters. Quite simply, SSI’s internal eco system is an atypical work environment for exceptional people. – Lets now turn to the meta functions needed to keep the SSI eco system functioning successfully.

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