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What is the conclusion?

We know who agency clients should be and understand the issues and difficulties they are having coping with the needs, problems, and vulnerabilities in their lives. We examine the resources and opportunities they have as they struggle to cope and appreciate their struggles relate mostly to their limited access to opportunities and resources other people access on a private, self-directed basis. We focus attention on those difficulties and issues and develop an intervention focus for the agency. In turn, we develop an intervention array enabling agency clients to cope more successfully. We are thus confident the help we offer to agency clients will actually help them cope better.

Throughout this process, we engage the agency’s stakeholders at each step, maximizing their concurrence with our decisions and minimizing dissonance and disagreement. Additionally, we form a knowledge pool and involve participants in assuring our intervention array and working model for delivering those interventions to agency clients represent best practices in human services delivery. We are ready to structure the agency eco system around our working model in order to efficiently and effectively deliver appropriate and necessary interventions to agency clients. The next chapter focuses on the steps for structuring the agency eco system to accomplish this outcome.

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