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What is the conclusion?

The purpose of the Management Team is to implement the policies, rules, and guidelines promulgated for the agency by the authorizing entities with which the agency is associated. Beyond this, the Management Team is dedicated to assuring the agency’s internal eco system functions successfully. These two purposes combine to assure the agency and its staff are continuously mission focused and outcome seeking. Only to the extent agency clients more successfully cope with the needs, problems, and vulnerabilities for which they access services can the Management Team be judged to be successful.

It is not the primary task of either the Management Team or its members to manage people. Rather, they are charged with successful management of the agency’s internal eco system. Team members are expected to bring a high level of personal and professional skill to the complex task of maintaining the system’s functioning at a peak level consistent with achieving the agency mission. Team members adhere to the guiding principles and adopt the priorities of cooperation, loyalty, caring, sharing, respect, trust, and integrity as a personal code. Additionally, they fair well when assessed using the twenty assessment questions presented above. If all Management Team members meet these criteria, the likelihood of Team success is good and that of agency excellence is high.

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