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What is the conclusion?

Developing successful leadership connections is a relatively complex process but can be managed fairly easily by agency staff members who meet the criteria included in the leadership connection assessment in this chapter. The Leadership Team identifies stakeholders with whom leadership connections are wanted and selects the most appropriate Team members to pursue the connections. It is understood those connections are exclusively for the purpose of supporting the interests and priorities of the agency and the stakeholders and any appearance of personal benefit is avoided by Team members. The connections can be pursued on a planned or unplanned basis and are then sustained using a combination of planned and unplanned contact.

Two points deserve special emphasis. First, Team members are clear about agency interests and priorities, that those interests and priorities are prospective. They are future considerations. Second, members either know or find out what the stakeholders’ interests and priorities are, understanding their interests and priorities are prospective as well. Leadership connections are always for the sake of future benefits. If the Leadership Team’s members understand the prospective nature of their efforts, have the skill set discussed in relation to the leadership connection assessment, are clear about agency interests and priorities and those of stakeholders, and assure opportunities to pursue leadership connections, the agency has and will sustain the Leadership Perspective needed for human services agency excellence.

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