Think Friday? –– I doubt that would be much of a challenge. It doesn’t matter much what comes to mind for you. “Friday” is virtually guaranteed to prompt an immediate tumble of thoughts, images, and emotions from most everyone.

To think Saturday or Sunday is nearly as quick–and–easy as it is to think Friday. They have their own spontaneous associations and clarity. All but the very young for whom any day is its own unique adventure and the permanently bummed out for whom life itself is a burden, to think “Saturday” or “Sunday” rocks, if only in comparison to the five alternatives.

Think Monday or Wednesday? Sure, at least once a week. I know, neither is up there with “Saturday” or even “Friday” or “Sunday” but Monday is when the week really starts and Wednesday, well, half–way has a little something going for it. Even if we are not particularly thrilled, Monday and Wednesday do both get our attention.

I’m getting around to my point. Think of this as a Thursday sort of post. “Thursday” is the day reserved for getting the week wrapped up. By Thursday, we have put things off about as long as we can and we sure don’t want to waste a perfectly good Friday on anything important or necessary. Yep, Thursday is definitely crunch time; so think Thursday. Without Thursday, we might not ever get anything finished.

That brings us to think Tuesday and a serious problem. There is mostly nothing one could possibly think about Tuesday. It’s not the weekend. It’s not the start or the middle. It’s not a things have to get done day. There is no hurry since there is still plenty of the week left. If anything important ever happened on a Tuesday – and I doubt it, it was just a coincidence. Tuesday is stuck in there with no point to it.

Yes, I do know about Fat Tuesday. So what are your plans for next Fat Tuesday? – See? That’s my point. Tuesday may not be a complete cipher but it does come close. No one ever makes special plans for a Tuesday, at least no one who inhabits my universe.

That gets us around to the title for this post: Think Tuesday. It likely comes as no surprise that I have little to nothing to say about that. I think Tuesday and nothing comes to mind. It’s kind of sad as I think about it. There is poor Tuesday with no unique identity or purpose still having to show up, week after week after week. Wouldn’t you just hate that? There is Monday dragging its feet and Wednesday leaning toward the weekend and there you are stuck in between with nothing to do, and more to the point, no one cares.

Suggestion: Think Tuesday. – If you work at it, something will come to mind.

Now you know so there you go.