If you missed the last two episodes of Blind How, let me take a minute to catch you up. (By the way, you can subscribe to Blind How wherever you get your podcasts or on your podcast player. That way you won’t miss any episodes, along with getting the episodes you may have missed.)

Back to catching you up. When having a conversation, look at the other person, whether you or the other person is talking. When you are talking, speak up, clearly and loudly enough for the other person to hear without any special effort. Look up and speak up.

Sure, that’s good advice for anyone, whether or not he or she can see. But for those of us who can’t see, it’s particularly important, since we may tend not to look at people when in a conversation and may not talk loudly enough or clearly enough to be easily understood. If you can’t see but don’t have any issues with always looking up and speaking up, way to go. I’m just mentioning it since I sometimes forget and thought reminding you can’t hurt.

Now for the third element to remember when talking with other people. Who knew that a simple conversation could be so complicated? Don’t slouch. Stand up or sit up straight. Okay, if it’s a casual conversation with a friend, not slouching is less important, but still makes a difference. For all other conversations or social situations, standing or sitting up straight and keeping your shoulders back matters a lot. It lets others know that you are interested, are engaged and are someone to be taken seriously. It also lets other people know that you are taking them seriously.

There is one additional element that I’ll get to in the next episode of Blind How; but for now, focus on the 3 ups: Stand or sit up straight, look up at others when you or they are talking and speak up so others can hear you without needing to make any special effort.