An Unexpected Conclusion + Women in Leadership

Along with Kevin’s fine tunes, this episode includes a personal essay that unearths an unexpected conclusion. I won’t include a spoiler here so you can see for yourself how it evolved. That is followed by some important points on women in leadership.

Women in leadership positions seem to naturally manage some aspects of their positions better than do men in similar positions. Skilled men often do as well with these aspects as skilled women, but in general, women do better. In this episode of Audio Tidbits, we take a look at the aspects of skilled leadership where women tend to shine.

Getting It Right Can Be Hard

I could make excuses or maybe even point a finger, but That would all be wrong. Let me just report how the podcasting team helped get it right. Here’s their revised intro.

Hello Tidbiters. If you are a regular listener, I know that you were expecting Gary to get things started. If this is your first visit, I usually don’t kick things off. I’m here to get things straightened out for Gary. He is fairly new at this lead podcaster role and didn’t get it quite right this time. He has included three of Kevin’s songs and two tips that you will find very helpful as you make a difference to folks who make a difference to you. That all went well, but the intro and a couple of the transitions didn’t go so well for Gary. No worry though. Others on the podcasting team have jumped in to get it right for you. Please relax and enjoy. I think you will see what we have done for you. As Gary likes to say, do well, be well and here we go.

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I Can’t Control the Winds, but I Can Adjust the Sails

This episode of Audio Tidbits focuses on philosophy and perspective. Of course, it includes a good measure of Kevin’s music, with the tips and perspectives interspersed. We all have our perspective that is not quite like that of anyone else. That perspective shapes our philosophy, how we view the world and how we think it works or doesn’t work for us. I think you will enjoy the music, the perspectives, and a chance to relax as you consider how things work for you.

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Getting It Right

Getting it right isn’t easy but is one of those things that just has to be done. Getting it wrong is a lot easier but means that you never get it right. Yes, you get to choose. Get it right or get it wrong; but that doesn’t seem like much of a choice. Even so, too many of us make the getting it wrong choice.

In this episode of Audio Tidbits, there are three tips for getting it right. You may be surprised to find out just what it takes to choose “right,” to keep it between the lines. While you consider your choices, there are also three tunes that will relax and put you in the state of mind to make the best choice for you.

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The News Makes Us Worry – The News Makes Us Happy

If you follow the “news,” – as do I – there is a lot more to worry about than to be happy about. Let’s first do our worrying. Here are ten things we might want to put on our worry list.

1. Whether or not the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, Attorney General and most everyone heading the executive branch of our Federal government are serving the public interest or simply self-dealing and using their positions to further themselves and their financial backers.

2. Whether global warming is a real and present danger, proceeding unchecked on a course to cause permanent and irreversible harm to the home planet, or if the potential risk is being wildly exaggerated.

3. Whether the economy is basically sound and unlikely to faulter, or if recession and difficult times are just around the corner.

4. Whether immigration is good and adds to the fullness and richness of our culture and economy, or if it is dangerous and threatens our safety and livelihoods.

5. Whether our schools and colleges are successfully educating our children and young people in ways that prepare them for productive lives in the real world, or if those institutions are only raising the literacy of the more affluent and talented children and young people while neglecting the needs and interests of the less affluent and less talented majority.

6. Whether government will halt the deterioration and neglect of our public facilities and lands or continue to ignore their worsening condition.

7. Whether mass killing, community violence, drug – child – and family abuse, and personal danger will continue to fester, or if our governments and communities will come together to act to reduce and perhaps even stop these facts of American life.

8. Whether having enough to eat, a safe place to live, an adequate education, needed healthcare, and life’s fundamentals will always be contingent on wealth status, or if someday everyone will get a fair shot at the golden ring.

9. Whether Congress will ever get around to dealing with the real issues and concerns of most people – at least most people I know, or if our politicians will continue to be mostly focused on who will win the next election.

10. Whether our democracy is actually at risk and some people really are above the law, or if all the hubbub is just so much smoke to keep us from noticing that nothing is being done about the things that truly are of concern to me and perhaps to you too.

I’m thinking that it wouldn’t be all that difficult to list ten more worries. Your worries are likely not the same as mine, but I have no doubt that you could easily add ten more to your list too. And I haven’t even opened the door to the rest of the world where there are plenty more reasons to worry. But for now, let’s think about our reasons to be happy. I’m sure I have at least ten.

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