Leadership Hunt

James gives us a complex notion to ponder as we wonder who is and who is not a leader, what and what is not leadership. As I consider his thought process, I find myself continuing to question whether leadership is something real and identifiable or instead an artificial construct that we like to impose on some people and situations that we do not understand. Why are some people unusually successful while others are not? Why do some groups excel while others do not? What really accounts for the world’s winners and losers? I suggest you listen and come to your own conclusion.

Leadership May Not Be Real

James brings his own take to whether leadership is real or just a clever way of putting a label on some people who happen to be rather talented and particularly lucky. Do you think leadership is a real thing or is it just the way some writers choose to describe people who they think have been unusually successful at doing whatever the writer values? It might go either way. Listen and see what you conclude.