As the Inner Circle Becomes Stronger

There is an Inner Circle that grows stronger as we are focused on the virus and all that it implies for us. Our government slips further away from government by the people, for the people and toward government by the few for the few. The Inner Circle evolves and grows stronger.

I discovered this exchange by the Aliens Amongst Us and want to share it, due to the message it includes about the Inner Circle and the insidious path it is taking to shrink our freedoms and opportunities to the benefit of the Inner Circle. Even though it has been re-mastered, one has to listen carefully to catch the message lurking within. Please attend carefully and most thoughtfully.

Aliens – Government as a Service vs. Government as a Business

We have determined that there is a tradition among broadcasters to comment on events and developments over the soon ending sun cycle as they conclude a sun cycle of broadcasting. Although we have not yet been broadcasting for a full sun cycle, it is nearing the end of the current sun cycle as it is determined across the Earth planet. We have not yet figured out exactly why the Earth humans decided that the new sun cycle should be understood as starting now but as arbitrary as the custom seems, now seems to be as appropriate as any other point in the eternal sun cycle. At any rate, we thought we would use this broadcast to comment on the past sun cycle on the Earth planet and in the America pod more particularly.


We give a nod to our leader in the capital city since we think he has done more to shape the trajectory of the Earth planet during the past year than any other Earth human. This has been most evident in the America pod. There are many events and happenings that we could point to in support of our conclusions but we think the greatest impact has been on a philosophical level in the America pod. There has been what we see as a fundamental shift in the philosophical underpinnings of government. …

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