The Witch In The Box

In what I think was probably the most recent episode of Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything podcast, Mr. Walker featured an artificial intelligence (AI) expert from Google. The Google guy was discussing what sounds like an AI game for geeks. In this scenario, the geeks are themselves artificial intelligence entities. Think of them as computer […]

Curiosity, Fake News, Snake Oil

For this episode of Audio Tidbits Podcast, I have nothing for the blog readers. The whole nine yards goes to the podcast listeners. Be patient if you are mainly a blog reader. Curiosity, fake news, snake oil may return, are likely to return; but just not this time. But if you are a podcast listener, […]

Aliens, Hoopla, Predictions & Our Leader in the Capital City

We are excited to be broadcasting to you Earth humans out there in podcast land at what is for you, the start of a new sun cycle. We were impressed by the parades and other celebratory rituals across your Earth planet. We have struggled to find some deeper meaning in the hoop la but have […]

Aliens, Guns, Hurricanes, Debt &Fake News – Aliens Amongst Us

The Aliens Amongst Us are once more reporting back to their home planet and their leader in the capital city is on the job. They are reporting on the killer in Nevada, the devastation in Porto Rico, debt and taxes, fake news, and on the amazing job their leader in the capital city is doing […]