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Your Exclusive Guide To The High Road
Your Exclusive Guide To The High Road

This is Your Exclusive High Road Guide from the Travelers In-flight Preparatory School. We at TIPS are proud of our glorious history of providing superior orientation and tutoring services for newcomers as well as refresher courses for experienced High Road travelers. I'm your personal travel guide and advisor. As Top Dog at TIPS, I don't normally provide individual mentor services; but when I heard you were coming aboard this flight, I couldn't pass up the honor and opportunity to serve you personally.

I have sniffed out the best of the best insights and anecdotes from the High Road traveling elite for inclusion in this preeminent edition of our official TIPS guidebook and am honored to make them available to you for your enjoyment and consideration. I'm confident in assuring you that there is not a dog in the bunch, though I must confess, up front, that I have taken a few liberties with the source documents and the conversations among The High Road's old-timers that I have been privileged to overhear. To call it plagiarism sounds too harsh; but, well, okay, your calling a spade a spade is how it's done on The High Road. I have made it sound like I personally had all the insights and that the experiences were mine when that is not how it was. I just mostly hung around and listened; but what you get is pretty much what I saw and overheard.

Now that I have that out of the way, I'm looking forward to conducting your tour and hope that you are as excited as I am about the adventure that lies ahead. It's time now to kick back, relax, and enjoy your flight. Wonderful opportunities await you on The High Road.

As a special added value, I have tucked in an assessment of your readiness to be a High Road traveler along with tools you can use to assess the readiness of your beloved as well as your boss to travel the High Road with you.


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