Gripes, Arrogance & Dr. Seuss

The podcast team has an interesting take on gripes, arrogance and the wisdom of Dr. Seuss and others. They also touch on not getting too big for your britches and on the value of the suggestions of others who would have you different than you are. Please listen to the podcast and see if you agree. Also, please consider subscribing to The Audio Tidbits Podcast on your favorite podcast player.

Denny Has Retired — Let’s Remember

I have told you before about Denny, the world’s 16th greatest guide dog. Well, Denny was with me for over ten years but the day finally came for him to retire. I won’t go into the details but Denny’s health had gotten to the point where being a guide dog was no longer possible.


Yes, it was very sad. He was unable to work anymore but his heart was still very much up to doing what he had done for over a decade. On his last day, he came to have his harness put on and so wanted to go with me again. It was not to happen but his spirit was ever willing.


Now I have Oliver. He is a twenty month old black lab and is eager to be my guide dog. We spent two weeks training together at Pilot Dogs after his six months of guide dog training. The two weeks were for the two of us to begin to bond and get used to working together. Oliver is home now and learning about his new environment and responsibilities. So far, things are going quite well.


To remember Denny and the five other Pilot dogs that came before Oliver, I am re-posting a podcast about my first six Pilot dogs. It will be a while before I am ready to update the podcast to include Oliver but his day in that spotlight is out there on the far horizon. He is Pilot dog seven for me and I expect we will have as satisfying a journey as with each of his six predecessors.


For now, join me in remembering Dr. Pepper, Fellow, Blacky, Ben, Quincy, and Professor Denny. Oliver has big paws to follow but is, I am sure, totally up to the challenge.

Are You A Thinker?

Are you a thinker? It seems that most of us are not. As it turns out, if we were to actually think twice a month, we would move into the thinker elite.


The Audio Tidbits Podcast team shares their perspective on thinking, what it means to think, and why thinking is a good thing. What is the meaning of life, how do we tell right from wrong, and where is the value in a sunny day? These and more think-worthy considerations are in the podcast for us. Please listen and give it a good think.